Why Schedule a Septic Inspection?

You may be more worried about sludge backing up through the pipes, but that’s not the only concern homeowners should have. While it might sound scary, a failing septic system can harbor dangerous (and even deadly) bacteria.

Funny Noises in the Pipes

Is the drain gurgling every time you flush the commode? Are your sinks draining more slowly than what you remember them doing in the past? While these signs don’t mean that your system is a sure-sign of failing, they shouldn’t be ignored. Let your septic inspection expert know about odors or noises coming from the pipes when he or she visits your property.

Ground Moisture Around Your Tanks

It hasn’t rained in a few days, but you’ve noticed some soft, wet ground in a part of the yard where it shouldn’t be. Now that you think about it, it’s right around your septic lines. The grass is growing better here, too. Unfortunately, it could be that you have a leaky pipe or something blocking the drain lines. An annual septic inspection can help you avoid expensive repairs that might become quite complex if you continue to ignore them.

Know When to Pump

Pumping or draining your septic tank isn’t something that everyone has to do on a year-to-year basis. Depending on the system you have and the size of your family, it might only be something that you get done every 5 or 6 years. Having an expert inspect your system regularly will let you know well in advance of when you’re due to have the tank cleaned out.

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